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3 poems in 'Superpresent magazine'

published in the Winter Issue of Superpresent magazine, 2021 reverie one cloudy afternoon this city was crying from within me the closer I get the colder it gets my lungs, my lungs my stomach couldn’t stand it couldn’t bear the longing the night is thick and the lights are rare I no longer perceive space this city can touch me this city can banish me the memory of you, the memory of you the only memory I treat as luxury my God, the past nourishes me with tenderness I close my eyes, the city is gone half asleep, in an unphysical space now you suddenly look up and recognize me   Checklist (sometime soon) Recently I  slept inside Chopin’s nocturnes  shortly fantasized about you  crossed the city several times  caught every bus on time  thought of my ex for 3 seconds everyday  took a taxi two times  watched two live performances  lit candles in the cathedral  thought that I need to be a little more sad  to write poetry  didn’t touch myself  (not once,  my body

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