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5 new poems

  UPDATED RESUME   One . I just moved in. They carry me in a sort of marsupium. Two . Major  family  conflict I remember nothing of. Three . Harmony restored. Trip to the seaside. Polaroid I now keep on my desk. Four . Questions about God. Brief introduction to loneliness. Keyboard sounds. Revelation of death. Five . Watching cartoons while drawing. Delicious lunch under the table. Grandma’s unlimited kindness. Six . Inventing a country. Concerns about the time machine. Seven . Revelation of happiness And human warmth. On my birthday. Eight. Playground destroyed. First serious melancholy. First time abroad (Blue salty Aegean). Nine . Inventing characters. Playing and drawing most of the time. Ten. First trip to the land of silence. Ohrid lake blessing my sight. First time physically flying. Eleven . Finding my calling. Twelve . Paris. First major crush. Awkwardness of puberty (Blood sticking my jeans to my thighs).

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